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97 Magically Fun Slime Recipes

When you think of fluffy, glow in the dark, edible, galaxy and an avalanche, do you picture endless hours of playing with slime? I didn’t either, but that is exactly what my family was doing all weekend, thanks to a new super fun slime book, filled with 97 magical slime recipes.

I was provided a free copy of Slime Sorcery by Adam Vandergrift, in return for my opinon. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by anyone else.

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My kids had a day off from school and had a few friends over, so this book couldn’t have come at a better time. The table was set-up with lots of glue, glitter, little styrofoam balls, glow-in-the-dark paint, food coloring, shaving cream, starch, clear laundry detergent, marshmallow fluff and more. I picked up a bunch of things the day before, so we would have enough ingredients to make a few different slime recipes.

The first one we tackled was an edible slime. We mixed marshmallow fluff with some of the Halloween candy we still had, along with a lot of powdered sugar. The powdered sugar is what made the marshmallow fluff go from a sticky mess to stretchy edible fun. This was a powdery mess, but it was fun. When their friends went home later in the day, I did warn the parents about all the sugar in it, so they could make sure they didn’t eat too much and get sick!

Edible Slime

Next, they wanted to make fluffy slime with the little styrofoam ballz. The kids loved mixing this one up, they even took turns mixing in the little styrofoam ballz. The shaving cream made it fluffy and the styrofoam ballz added another texture, to make this a great sensory slime. Thankfully, I had enough shaving cream, glue and ballz…they all wanted their own specially colored fluffy ball slime.

Mixing the beads into fluffy slime.

Slime Sorcery has several recipes, including pictures, for sensory slimes, non-edible/edible food inspired slimes, glitter slimes, glue-free slimes and very cool viral slimes. Not only do you get the step by step instructions, there are also helpful tips and tricks that you can try if your slime is either too sticky, it won’t stretch, or is too watery. I especially liked the tip on what kind of laundry detergent the author found worked best.

Below are some powders you would need if you wanted to make your slime magnetic or change color:

Slime Fun

If your kids love making slime, I would highly recommend getting them this book. You can also find Adam Vandergrift on his Will It Slime? YouTube channel, on Instagram and Facebook @ willitslime, or you can visit his website at

Not only are they having fun, but they are learning too…that makes you phemommienal!!

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