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Daily Parenting Freebie Checklist

Everyday my kids have chores they need to do and lately I have been thinking about daily chores I should be doing. No, it’s not cleaning or making dinner…it’s parenting chores! Keep reading to find out what I am talking about.

Parents have a million things to do everyday and sometimes we may forget to do a few simple and super important things for our kids. One of the things we should be doing is showing our kids how much we love them. So instead of playing on your phone, looking at the latest posts or sending one last follow-up email, spend time with your kids. I’ve been the parent that says, “hold on give me one second”…then it turns into an hour. Our kids need our attention and we need to give them our undivided attention!

I believe it is essential for kids to feel and be shown love daily! So, I have come up with a simple checklist of daily things you can do with your kids to help create a stronger bond and show them lots of love and attention they deserve!

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