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Do Your Kids Still Believe In Santa?

Do your kids still believe in Santa? Maybe they are getting older and starting to figure out he might not be real. Here are a few ways to keep them believing, just one more year.

Visiting Santa – Santa is everywhere! You can find him at the mall, at one of the many holiday festivals going on in your area or even maybe the zoo. Just google where to find santa in your area and you will find him. My family discovered a great new Santa tradition a few years back when our favorite “mall” Santa left the mall scene and started something new in a historic home. Santa’s North Pole Experience. They have it set-up so nice, to make it feel like your in Santa’s home.

Personalized Video – I had the privilege to receive a free video from This was a very easy process, all I had to do was provide information I wanted Santa to know about each kid and that is what they used to make our video. We keep telling our kids our little elf is here to keep an eye on them and he tells Santa how they have been behaving. When we showed our kids their personalized video, they were amazed he knew certain things they have been up to…the good and the bad. They thought it was pretty cool to get a video from Santa and we loved watching their faces light up!

Here is our video:

If your interested in receiving your own custom video from, you have until December 22nd to guarantee delivery by Christmas!
***For one lucky reader, they have provided another video for me to giveaway. All you need to do is sign up for my newsletter and I will reach out to the first person!

Calling Santa – We found this fun phone booth at Holidazzle this year and the kids thought it was so cool to talk to Santa on the phone. There are websites where you can have Santa call your kids with a free personalized message. I found this one, that looks really fun…

Track Santa – On Christmas Eve you can track Santa with the Official NORAD Santa Tracker. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing exactly where he is and when he might show up to your house.

We have gotten our fill of Santa this year and our elf is still letting him know if the kids are naughty or nice. Now I just have to make sure they get the presents they have been asking Santa for. Luckily their wish list hasn’t changed from one Santa to the next.

Hope you and your family have been enjoying the holiday season so far! Keeping the kids believing, makes you phemommienal!!

Happy Holidays!

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2 Replies to “Do Your Kids Still Believe In Santa?”

  1. I’m trying to hold onto Santa for as long as possible. Though, I may have to talk to my kids because yesterday my 9 year old said poor people don’t get many toys because Santa only brings a few. Sigh. These are great suggestions for keeping the magic alive!!

    1. I am not looking forward to the time when my oldest finally figures it out and then ruins it for the other two. When talking with your kids, you could bring up how others donate toys or adopt families during the holidays, to bring a brighter holiday to those in need. Hope you and your family has a Very Merry Christmas!

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