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How To Naturally Treat Dog Anxiety

Loud noises, separation anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks and even visitors can turn your dog into a destructive, barking nuisance. How can we help our fur babies stay calm and relaxed?

There are so many tips, tricks and products out there. Pheromone spray, medication, bark collars, noise clickers, white noise, music…I could go on and on, but have any of you had any luck with any of those products? What if there was a product which could help ease your dogs anxiety holistically and naturally. There is! Check out ZenCrate.

When dogs are anxious or feel stressed they seek a place of comfort, which is exactly where ZenCrate comes in. Created in 2014 by robotic engineers to create a safe place which combines comfort, noise cancellation, security and other calming effects for anxious dogs.

Whether you are home or not, if your dog senses unease, they can go into their crate to naturally and organically feel comfort. No need for medications, calming jackets or even putting them in a room by themselves.

Once they enter their ZenCrate, calming music starts playing and along with the acoustic design feature and vibration dampening technology, the anxiety causing issues fade away. There is also a built in camera, so you can keep an eye on your pup when your away.

With it’s beautiful design, ZenCrate can be easily assembled to fit in any room in your home without having it look out of place.
Here are some more key features:
-Built and designed in the USA
-Motion-activated music with curated anti-anxiety playlist
-Motion-activated fan for improved ventilation
-Built-in WiFi to view your pet from your Smartphone
-Orthopedic memory foam
-Battery backup to prevent power outages
-Removable door insert
-Vibration dampening feet
-Easy at home assembly

For more information or to purchase your very own ZenCrate, visit

Let’s all spread the word to #EndPetAnxiety together.

Talk to you soon!

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