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Increase Your Organization in 2018

Increase Your Organization in 2018
guest post by Steelray Software, LLC.

Clear up the stockpiles of messiness and resolve to increase your organization in 2018.

The colorful confetti particles are scattered all over the floor, and empty champagne bottles fill trash cans nationwide. College football fans and partygoers alike had their fill of dramatic game time adrenaline. While sequins and passed hors-d’oeuvres consumed everyone’s evening as the shimmering crystal ball slowly dropped in front of a frenzied crowd in the middle of New York’s Times Square just as the clock struck midnight. After the time-honored traditions of black-eyed peas or pork and sauerkraut are served to the superstitious they are left with the reality of an impending work week and the abrupt end to almost a month of holiday celebrations.

The magic of New Year’s Eve has passed, and sights are now set on the sweet renewal and promise of another year and all its boundless possibilities. Individuals begin searching the depths of their hearts and minds in reflection and anticipation. The ambitious make lists riddled with all their goals, objectives, and wildest dreams while the vast majority of Americans mumble a promise under their breath to finally become healthier, more organized, or cut down on their expenses in 2018. However, even as the phrase is whispered, there is no real intention of following through on their declaration. If this continues, it will be another year of half-hearted resolutions without the adequate resources to follow through and realize the results. So why not change things up this year and determine a resolution which is not only desirable but also achievable given the proper resources?

How about running headfirst into the New Year with a resolution to which you can commit for an entire year? Getting more organized is a practical and manageable goal. Plus, with all the benefits of modern technology there are more apps, advice, and gadgets than ever to help you conquer your resolution with confidence and vigor.

One tip for sticking to your New Year’s Resolution is to break your larger objective into monthly goals to keep you on track throughout the entire year.

One encouraging aspect of vowing to become more organized is you can either choose to organize your entire life or pick a particular area on which you want to concentrate. For example, you can opt to get your financial situation in order by paying off debt, managing a budget, and consulting an investment professional, or you can work on clearing out all the clutter you have accumulated in closets, crawl spaces, storage units, and attics. If you decide to take a more pinpointed approach to organization one option is to focus your efforts on your work environment to foster a more productive and efficient workflow. Implementing new organizational software is a fantastic way to kick off your resolution.

Steelray is a software technology company with roots in Atlanta, Georgia, which has made waves in the area of Project Management software. They are experts in championing the cause for more efficient project schedules, status updates, task management, budget allocation and expenditure tracking, and holistic agenda understanding for all invested parties. After developing and launching the Steelray Project Viewer in 2003, the company has worked with some of the largest corporations in aerospace and National Defense as well as well known companies like Nike, IBM, and GE Healthcare. Their tried-and-tested project management software couples with other leading software technologies like Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (Microsoft PPM) and Primavera .XER (Primavera P6) to provide a more sophisticated and in-depth view of a project schedule. It is not a clone of these other software solutions but an extension of their current capabilities.


With Steelray’s Project Viewer users can create thousands of different views of the same schedule. For example, one could enact filters, so only overdue tasks are viewable, or perhaps you are interested in seeing just line items designated to a particular team member or department, those can be brought to the forefront for quick reference. The Project Viewer is a comprehensive web application which puts an incredible amount of pertinent, project-related information in the schedule with the ease of recalling it all in just one or two clicks.

In addition to the expanded schedule-viewing capabilities, Project Viewer provides users with additional printing options and potential for reduced overhead with a cost reduction in comparison to their current project management software.

Make this year one where you grab the reins of your resolution and finally getting yourself and your work environment more organized. Steelray can help you reach your ultimate goal with their Project Viewer software, and it can ultimately affect positive change for your team and your clients. For more information or to try a free 10-day free of Project Viewer by signing up on the website at

*Note, I was provided compensation for this post.

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