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New Years Goals for Kids

It’s that time of year again and I bet you have thought of some great goals you would like to accomplish during the next year, but what about New Year’s goals for your kids? Here is a list of goal ideas and some simple steps to help them work towards achieving them.

1. Sit down with your kids and think of some goals they would like to work on this year.

Goal Ideas
*Improve math, reading, science and more.
*Try a new sport or hobby.
*Improve sport skills
*Help out more at home (cleaning, cooking, chores)
*Work on how to be a better person (use better manners, be more helpful, be a better friend, etc.)

I found this fun New Year’s Resolution interactive organizer for kids to write down their goals and how they plan to reach them. Here they can pick a goal to work on for school, home, personal improvement and family.

2. Once they have their goals written out and an idea of how they would like to work towards achieving their goals, make sure to place these goals in a place where everyone can see them. This way you won’t forget and it will motivate them to keep working.

3. How to help them achieve their goals:

School Goals
There are so many websites and apps out there to help kids stay on track or get extra help on the subjects they may struggle with. I have had the pleasure of reviewing IXL, an online adaptive learning program, which offers comprehensive math, language arts, social studies, science and Spanish curriculum for K-12 students.

IXL​ ​encourages students through all steps of learning by cultivating their curiosity with personalized recommendations, along with continuous diagnostics providing each learner a unique action plan which encourages growth. Parents can monitor their students progress using the IXL analytics, which shows real time data, so you and your child can see where they are striving and what their trouble spots are. To​ ​learn​ ​more​ ​about​ ​IXL,​ ​visit​​ ​​​,​​ ​​​ ​and​​ ​​.

Sports Goals
If they want to try a new sport or hobby, that’s great…sign them up! Let’s be real though here parents, we know our kids pretty well and can gauge whether they will like this new activity or not…or they may just have us fooled! (I learned my lesson when signing up my son for karate, thought he would love it, but he only lasted one class) If you have a feeling they will not like it, sign them up for a community ed class. These classes typically are only for a few weeks, so your kids can try it out and see if they really will enjoy it or not. If it turns out its not for them, then they only have a few sessions to go to. If they do like it, then you know you are safe to sign them up for more.

Help them improve their sport skills by encouraging them to practice at home. Make it into a fun family activity, to get everyone involved. Sign them up for additional skill clinics, is another great way to help them improve. Go and watch other local teams or even professional teams play and practice, your kids may be inspired and see a new skill to try.

Home Goals
Helping out at home is always a win for parents. They can help out in the kitchen with doing some meal prepping with you or they can help keep the house nice and clean by doing some chores.
Who enjoys cleaning? My kids do…not sure what we did but they love to dust and vacuum. I think what helped is we make chores fun by getting everyone on a schedule and working together. My family picks one Saturday morning each month, we call it “Super Saturday.” We wake up, eat breakfast, turn on the wireless speaker and then start cleaning.

You can also make chores charts and add only the chores you feel are appropriate for each kid. Check out this fun chore chart idea from

Self Goals
*Kids follow by example and if you use good manners, they will too.
*If your kids want to build better relationships with friends, encourage them to do random acts of kindness, like writing them notes or making them something.
*Less fighting with siblings…well this one could be tricky, but just remind them of their goals and hope they work hard on this one. (Otherwise just separate them for your own sanity!)

Resolutions and goals are something we all tend to think about this time of year, and it’s also something most of us struggle to follow through on. By having your kids take the time to think about and write down a few goals and then placing them in a spot for all to see, will help encourage the entire family to work hard on their goals and it helps you stay phemommienal!

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