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Speed of Life By Carol Weston

After the sudden loss of someone you love, your life changes and you know it will never be the way it was. Having great friends helps, but they are eager for you to get back to the way you were and your just not ready. So you reach out to someone else to confide in, someone who doesn’t know you. You share personal things with this person and then you find out they are becoming part of your family.

I had the pleasure of receiving a free copy of Speed of Life by Carol Weston, in return for a review.

This book takes place over the course of a year, starting eight months after Sofia’s (a fourteen year old, half Spanish, girl living in New York City) mother dies unexpectedly. Although it has been really hard on both her and her father, her father is ready to start a new chapter and Sofia isn’t. Her friends are very supportive and understanding, especially her best friend Kiki, and when Kiki introduces Sofia to an advice column found in a teen magazine, written by Dear Kate, Sofia starts confiding to Dear Kate about all sorts of things. After some speculation, Sofia realizes her father has been dating a “mystery women”. As Sofia has been doing frequently, she reaches out to Dear Kate about how’s she’s feeling about this new women. After a little while and with the help of Dear Kate’s advice, Sofia warms up to the idea of her father dating and agrees to meet this women…then Sofia finds out the “mystery women” is Dear Kate. Sofia is now faced with whether she should tell Dear Kate she’s one of the girls emailing her, or to keep this to herself.

There are several themes geared towards the life of a typical teenage girl, except this particular girls also dealing with the loss of her mother. I found this book to be filled with lots of great advice, not only about how to keep moving after something bad happens, but how you shouldn’t just dive into things, let them happen naturally…don’t rush life.

“Life speeds along, there are no do-overs, no backsies, and bad stuff happens.”

As a parent to three young kids and having had been a teenager once, Carol Weston spoke to me when she wrote “the best way to know what is going on at home is to have ongoing conversations, not just to talk and listen.” This is great parenting advice and I think will help keep the communication lines open with my kids, especially during the teenage years.

If you are looking for a great book that will pull on your heartstrings and make you laugh too, check out this book.
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About the Author:

Carol Weston has been the Dear Carol advice columnist at Girls’ Life since 1994. Her sixteen books include Ava and Pip (which the New York Times called “a love letter to language”), Ava and Taco Cat, Ava XOX, The Diary of Melanie Martin, and Girltalk, which came out in a dozen languages. Weston has been a guest on The TODAY Show, The View, and Oprah, and her work has been featured in The New York Times, Parenting, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen. She has had over 45 letters to the editor in The New York Times. Carol studied literature at Yale, graduating summa cum laude, and has an MA in Spanish from Middleburg. She lives in Manhattan.

For more on Weston, please visit and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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